Photography printed on matte paper mounted on 3 mm alu-dibond and matte lamination. Water-based pigment ink.

Unique work / 70 x 50 cm / 2020

We are in this world to see it and listen to it, appeals to our desire to live in symbiosis with our environment, to be part of our ecosystem and not alter it by imposing ourselves on it. In the same way, the viewer is invited to carefully observe their surroundings, including this work. If one does so carefully, hidden in the undergrowth, they will find a small grasshopper that observes, listens and reacts to its surroundings.

[…] Sastre presents us with an exercise of symbiosis with the ecosystem ​(visual and natural), which does not allow itself to be seen, like the grasshopper hidden in one of the photographs. The colors of the grasshopper are cryptic colors to camouflage itself, to integrate with the vegetation and the environment. The representation of natural elements and the camouflaged phrases are a pretext to invite us to observe the environment with attention. Can we, humans, like the silkworms, also undergo a radical change to adapt to an environment in crisis? It is not a matter of deciphering the images, but of learning to look as a grasshopper looks.

Excerpt from the text “Grasshopper, Landscape, Collapse and Camouflage,” by Gloria L. Cleries